Integrate Zendesk with Slack to supercharge customer support

Improve customer support efficiency while increasing engagement from coworkers and customers. Automate workflows to make agents and customers happy.
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Increase customer and coworker engagement

Customer and coworker's Slack messages can be turned into Zendesk tickets, or they can directly create a ticket from within Slack. Stakeholders are notified about ticket updates via Slack and can easily respond without changing context.

Smart Workflows Improve agent efficiency

Send Zendesk tickets into Slack based on the tags, type, or customer fields. Engineers, product managers, or other coworkers can easily respond or provide context on tickets inside of Slack to make sure tickets are answered as quickly as possible.

Search and stay informed

Customers and coworkers can search for tickets by owner, creation date, or priority right inside Slack, making it easy for them to quickly see the status of their tickets from inside their favorite chat tool.

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Talk to us about your customer support infrastructure and we'll share the best practices we've learned from hundreds of companies.

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