Send Zendesk Tickets into Slack to Engage Coworkers

Post Zendesk tickets into Slack channels with all of the necessary context so that the right people on the team are informed. Allow coworkers that don't use Zendesk to quickly get context and collaborate on solving tickets.

Send tickets into Slack

Customize a Zendesk Trigger and map it to a Slack channel
  • Trigger can fire based on status, assignee, or any custom set of conditions.
  • Zendesk responses post into the Slack thread so everyone has full context.
  • Coworkers can quickly respond, or view and edit standard and custom fields from Slack.

Responses post 2-ways between Zendesk and Slack

Agents answer tickets from Zendesk, coworkers see responses and post internal notes from Slack
  • Zendesk responses are organized in the Slack thread.
  • Messages from Slack can post as internal notes or public responses.
  • Internal notes or public responses from Zendesk can be filtered out.

Tag coworkers from Zendesk

Mention a coworkers handle to notify them in Slack.
  • Mention one or multiple Slack users.
  • Mention @channel or @here to notify everyone in the channel.
  • Get outside help and get tickets solved faster.

See it in action

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