Streamline IT & HR Zendesk and Slack Processes

Allow employees to create HR or IT tickets from Slack with a simple slash command. Ensure you don't lose requests made in Slack. Everything is tracked, and employees can interact in Slack where they work every day. No more emails!

Create tickets in Slack

Employees can use /support or !support to create a ticket instantly in a private message or channel.
  • Works in direct messages, group messages, public and private channels
  • Fully secure and private
  • The requester of the ticket is set to be the email of the person who sent the original message.

Responses post 2-ways between Zendesk and Slack

Agents can answer tickets from the Zendesk interface, employees can see responses and answer from Slack.
  • Responses are organized in the Slack thread.
  • Employees are notified about new responses to the thread in Slack.
  • Ticket color updates in Slack based on status in Zendesk.

Employees can search for tickets from Slack

So they can easily see the status of tickets inside Slack.
  • Search by status or keywords.
  • Click any ticket to see the full history.
  • Colors quickly show the status of tickets.

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