Salesforce ServiceCloud Slack Integration

2-way Sync ServiceCloud cases with Slack conversations to automate customer support and IT workflows. Solve cases faster and make customers happier.

Send Cases into Slack

Customize a ServiceCloud workflow and map it to a Slack Channel
  • Workflow can fire based on status, assignee, or any custom set of conditions
  • All the comments on the Case post to the Slack thread so everyone has full context
  • Coworkers can quickly post a comment or chatter message from Slack, as well as view and edit fields.

Responses post 2-ways between ServiceCloud and Slack

Agents can answer cases from the ServiceCloud interface, Slack users can see responses and answer from Slack.
  • Responses are organized in the Slack thread.
  • Slack users are notified about new responses to the thread.
  • Ticket color updates in Slack based on status in ServiceCloud.

Turn messages into cases

Invite the bot into a channel. Mark any message with a :key: emojii to turn it into a case. Slack users also use /support to create a ticket instantly.
  • Works in public or private channels.
  • If the original message has a thread, each threaded message will post to the Case.
  • The requester of the case is set to be the email of the person who sent the original Slack message.

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